The Kellevie 6 Hour explained

MTB endurance racing at it's funnest and finest! Get your mates together and get entered! The Kellevie 6 hour is a fun and social event where the event team has has worked hard to provide awesome trails and a fun racing vibe. You can race in a team of up to 4 people, in pairs or solo. 

To help you get your 6 hour plan squared away we have put together the following information for competitors. Please take the time to read this information so you can have a awesome race.

We will again be supporting our 6 hour community partner Mates4Mates, to find out more about the team and the great work they do at Mates4Mates head here. Stay tuned for info on how you can support  them.

Please also make sure all your team members have read this information. 


The simple version : (Full race briefing will be emailed to competitors prior to the event

You can race solo, in pairs or in a team. Transition, race village, parking, camping, coffee  vendor are all in the one convenient area.
The race format is simple: you ride as many laps as you can within a 6 hour time period. Pairs and teams ride in a relay changing at the race village transition area.

Hosted at the beautiful Kellevie race village, with a mix of old school and new school trail, the event focus is on a fun and social atmosphere with fun machine and hand built trails for you to have a blast with your mates. Due to COVID-19 Guidelines there will be no overnight camping this year, 

In response to peoples request for budget racing  we will be running basic event services (no showers). a coffee vendor with snacks, toilets and live online timing and a cranking PA. 

If you do want to stay in the area there are some cool accommodation options, including budget and boutique and lots of of great attractions in the region if you want make a weekend of it, but be quick! As accommodation options are limited 

The 6 Hour fully dissected.


Solo categories are:


Single Speed 

Team categories are:
Pairs          M/F/Mix

Schools teams of 4 (under 17)  
3 person M/F/Mix

4 person M/F/Mix

Entry fees:
Solo                                                    $75.00
Pairs                                                   $150.00

Team of 3                                           $225.00

Team of 4                                           $300.00

Schools teams of 3 (under 17)           $150.00

Schools teams of 4 (under 17)           $200.00


Getting to the event 

Race information and rules

The important stuff.
Yep I know the rules and info can be really boring, but we ask that you please read as the information is here to make your life easier.

Please note 2021 Full race briefing will also be sent to competitors  

There are changes from previous events and information around the start, transition, registration and other mysterious things - see below.

Race Directors tips
1. Read this information.
2. If you are new to solo racing, or longer events, pace yourself, either someone is fitter than you or they aren’t. If they are you won’t catch them anyway, if they aren’t you will get ‘em when they are walking. Ride your own race.
3. Remember it is a fun and social event.
4. The following spares are worth having, joining link and chain breaker, tubes, derailleur hanger, chain lube if it’s dry, chain lube if it’s wet.
5. Check your bike during the week before, not the morning before.
6. Get there and get your reg pack early -The reg team are also the timing team and will be doing other things at 9:00 am so if you aren’t signed in by 9:00 am you will be a DNS. 

7. Please check your email details when you enter as the email you supply is our tool to provide you and your team with important updates and information   

COVID-19 changes

The event team has a full COVID-19 event safety plan to keep participants and volunteers safe. As the event property has large open spaces it's easy for the team to change some configurations to provide appropriate  social distancing.  As such, there are some changes this year:

  • The number of participants will adhere to the number of people allowed at the venue as per Tasmanian State Government direction.

  • Race waiver will be completed online during the entry process

  • On the day entries won't be accepted

  • Social distancing requirements ( currently 1.5 metre distance) will be applied to all areas of the event village, including registration desk, start line, personal/team day set up, transition, and vendors.  We will have everything marked out so it will be easy to follow 

  • Only one person per team to register for the team on the day at the registration desk - We will provide clearly marked entry and exit points so you can maintain social distancing requirements between each person in line

  • Please advise of any team changes at least  24 hours prior to the event start

  • Please bring your own hydration for the event – the water tanks on the property will not be in use for the event

  • Spectator and supporters will need to to provide contact details and meet COVID safe requirements – this process will be outlined in the competitor  information

  • interstate and international entrants will not be accepted at this time due the commercial risk 

  • The event site will be open to competitors, supporters and their families, however, closed to spectators not associated with any competitor

  • Race briefings will be sent out online

  • Race start will be managed so social distancing can be applied - the start pen and loop will  be different to normal, but clearly marked to make it easy for you. 

  • Hand sanitiser stations will be provided throughout the event hub and, as per our normal procedures available in the toilet facilitates 

  • Presentations will be managed to adhere to COVID guidelines – please read competitor briefing for more detailed information

  • Please do not attend if in the 14 days prior to the event you have been unwell (cough, sore throat, fever or shortness of breath) even if mild, or had close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19 – contact us and we can discuss options regarding your entry fee

  • Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 during the event will be required to leave immediately

  • This plan may change in conjunction with any changes to the current COVID situation and/or as directed by the Tasmanian State Government

  • If the event has to be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions changing due to an outbreak in Tasmania we will refund your entry or provide race credit  as per Australian consumer law, please note we do not charge an administration fee for refunds for event cancellation also according to Australian consumer law.

  • To reduce congestion at registration we are offering mail out of your event registration packs to team captains (the person completing your online entry) for a cost recovery fee which you can select as a merch option when you enter. So for 3 bucks you can take some reg time pressure off yo' self. :) 


Will be regularly updated and displayed in the race village area. 
You will be sent a link to live online results prior to the race. Results will be liver here baby!. 

Time Table 

Sunday 18th April 7:30 am - 9:00 am - Registration at the race village
Sunday 18th April 9:30 am -  Call to Start Pen 

Sunday 18th April 10::00 am - Race Start

Sunday 18th April 4:00 pm - 6 Hour race finish

Sunday 18th April 5:15 pm - Presentations Kellevie MTB Park 6 hour

Car Parking
As there is no camping this year there will only be day parking. The day parking area is cearly marked and set up so people can leave without interfering with the main transition and improve safety for competitors, supporters, and for contractors that come and go throughout the event. Usually everyone uses common sense and the day parking works well. To leave there may be course crossings which will be clearly marked and marshalled, riders have right of way and you will need to obey all direction of signage and staff. The race organisers are not held liable for any damage or stolen property in parked vehicles. Please adhere to the speed limit signage.

Fire-bins may be placed around the village depending on the conditions. NO other fires are to be lit by competitors. Sealed gas heaters (the big "mushroom" style) are allowed in personal site areas, as well as cooking stoves etc. However if there is high fire danger any direction from Tas Fire Service or race management must be adhered to.  

We ask that you guys keep the village and camping zones clean and take rubbish with you. Please take the time to remove your rubbish. Dumping of carb/gel packs on the trackside as opposed to tucking them in your attire somewhere will be frowned upon. 
I have been really impressed by the way people at our events have managed themselves so I feel like people reading this will already be on the same page. To be clear this one is pretty simple:
Bought it in with you - take it out with you. Littering intentionally leads to disqualification.

Drinking Water
You will need to bring your own drinking water this year as communal drinking water will not be available as normal from general access tanks this within the race village. 

There will  be a coffee van  during the event on race day.who will also provide snacks  

Pets are not permitted within any part of the property. There is no exception. It is not that we don’t like them we don’t want them running under bike wheels and it's a farming area.

Little Tackers
The event is family friendly, however, we insist that kids be kept out of transition area and off the course for their own safety. Kids must be supervised at all times. It is not that we don’t like them, they are very good for making merchandise, cleaning chimneys and trail work, we just want to make sure every one is safe and sound.

On course mechanical and assistance
if you encounter a mechanical issue you must proceed along the course back to the race village with your bike and go through the timing station if completing your lap. Riders can assist each other on course, but outside assistance is not permitted. You must be able to either repair your bike on course without assistance or be able to make your way back to the race village via the course to complete your lap.

All podium places receive a trophy. The event is a family and social event and there may or may not be cash prizes for solos depending on sponsorship for the event.

Race Registration
Only one person per team needs to register- that person can pick up the entry pack for their team. Teams and solos can register at the Jettech Event Village 7:30 am – 9:00 am Sunday April 18th. Team captains (and solos)  can also have their registration packs mailed to them prior to the event by selecting registration mail-out as an option when entering for a nominal fee ($3). Team Captains will receive an entry pack containing their teams race number plates, plate ties and competitor info. There will be no on the day entries accepted registration is purely for those that have previously entered online. 

Junior waivers.
Specific junior waivers will be sent out in competitor info email and need to be completed and returned at registration.   

Your safety driving home
After the race you will be tired, perhaps like you have just swum across a river made entirely of cheese (perhaps not), please take some time to rest if you are cooked before you hit the road.  

Race Start
The race start will be a rolling fire road loop to spread everyone out before the single track. At 9:50 am on Sunday one rider from each team and solos will proceed to the start area. The start is designed to open up the field before the single track. SOLO RIDERS will line up with the rest of the field. The start field will go on a 500-meter (approx.) fire ride loop and then start the course. Any one missing the start will have to wait until the field has completed the fire road start loop, then await permission to start from race officials. The start line order will be self-seeded and marked to meet COVID-19  guidelines. 

Lap Times and Transition
The riders and teams with the most laps win. For riders and teams on the same number of laps, the fastest time wins (least amount of time to complete the same number of laps). You or someone from your team must be riding on the course at the 6 hour mark to qualify for a placing. For example If you finish a lap with a race time of 3:59:59 pm  your team will need to complete another lap. To avoid this you will need to hang around before the timing station and cross after the 6 hours is completed if you don't want  have to complete another lap. Riders and teams can take a break at any time throughout the event and your lap time is measured from when your previous team rider finishes a lap until you complete the next lap. The transition area will be after the timing station. You will be given a number plate with a timing chip and live preliminary results will be available for people watching the race online if WIFI allows. We will have a manual backup so if a timer asks for a number the rider must stop and respond appropriately.
The transition is a rolling transition after the timing station where your partner can leave when you enter the transition pen. Solos do not have to dismount 

Attaching Your Bike Number Plate
Attach your bike number to the front of your bike using at least 3 ties, securely fastening it to the handle bar and ensuring that it can be easily seen from the front. Remember - if we can't see your number, your lap times may not be captured if the electronic timing system goes poo poo.

Minimum Equipment on the Track
Each rider must have the following equipment whilst on the course:· Serviceable mountain bike and Australian Standards certified cycling helmet,· A full water bottle or hydration pack,· Tool kit with spare tube and basic tools . YOUR BIKE MUST TURN UP AT THE EVENT CLEAN AND HAVE BAR END CAPS FITTED.  You may be taken off the start line by scrutineers if you turn up with a crusty rig with no bar end caps.

Course Etiquette and Passing Rules
Following are a few tips on the course:· A rider walking their bike must give way to a rider who is riding. The rider being overtaken has right-of-way until the overtaking rider is past and clear by a bike length.· If you want to pass the rider in front on single track, call out "TRACK".· When the rider in front feels it is safe to pass, they will pull over to one side and call "PASS". They may also call out "ON MY LEFT / ON MY RIGHT".· Let the rider in front know what you are doing by calling "ON YOUR LEFT / ON YOUR RIGHT". If there is more than one rider passing, let the rider in front know by calling "TWO COMING THROUGH".· If you do not make this call, the rider in front will assume you have decided not to pass and will return to the centre of the track.· There are several small sleeper bridges and ramps on the course, some of them over water. Overtaking is not allowed on any of these. There are also areas marked with skull and cross bones to indicate danger, extra care must be applied to consider the safety and comfort of other riders during these sections. The same care must be taken with track sections marked with two down arrows to indicate an approaching technical section. ·Solo riders will be wearing a number plate identifying them as solo nutters please give these mad persons respect on the track and a bit of encouragement.

On Course Emergency Procedures
There will be a team of marshals riding during the event If they request you slow down or divert please follow their requests. There are sections on the track where assistance from first aid may take time to reach. If you find an injured rider stay with them and send the next person for help. Any person rendering assistance will be given corrected time based on their average lap times (excluding their assistance lap) .·
There will also be marshal points on the track where you can report issues to marshals who will be in communication with race management.

Good Karma
As a philosophical point it is worth remembering although we are racing on a sheep station, we are not racing for one! So be aware that passing involving contact or abuse may result in disqualification. The Kellevie 6 hour is a place to foster good karma. The event provides an atmosphere for a fun social event whilst at the same time finding our own personal hell! How good is that! We thank you for involvement, and to help us make the event a success we ask that you help us by being patient and supporting race officials.


The course is designed to suit the skill levels of anyone who rides regularly. 6.8kms in length it's fun and predominantly single track with  new sections for the event. The riding terrain varies from closed in river forest trails, open paddock sections, a couple of fire road sections for passing and refuelling. The race village accommodates transition and the half way point in the course so feed access points for solos are plenty. 

Registration cancellation policy: 
What happens if you choose to withdraw from the event after you enter? Although the registration terms and conditions state:“9. My registration is not transferable to other people without the express permission of the race organisers. If I am unable to compete my fee is not refundable.” We think that is  that life gets tricky sometimes. We try and make it as fair as possible and want to support those who can’t make it due to health or other critical circumstances. Below is our policy.

1. Registration cancellation prior to entry closing date:
A: A 5% fee is charged to cover our transaction fees with online registration and payment merchants
B: Or you can onsell and transfer your entry to another participant and seek reimbursement from them.
C: A carry forward of  paid entries as entry credit to our future events. Valid for 2 years 

2. Registration cancellation post entry closing date:
A: 40% fee withheld to cover ordering, consumables and merchant fees
B: Or you can on-sell and transfer your entry to another participant and seek reimbursement from them.
C:A carry forward of paid entries as entry credit to our future events on provision of a doctors certificate less fee of 30% to cover  ordering, consumables and merchant fees. Valid for 2 years

3. Registration cancellation 15 days or under prior to the event we offer no refund but we do offer:
A: A carry forward of  paid entries as entry credit to our future events on provision of a doctors certificate less 40% to cover ordering, consumables and merchant fees . Valid for 2 years 
B: Or you can onsell and transfer your entry to another participant and seek reimbursement from them. We require confirmation of your replacement’s intention to enter no later than 5 days prior to the event date. 

Event cancellation by event organizers 
If we choose to cancel the event due to any reason you are offered full refund or event credit as per Australian consumer law. plus  we think its the right thing to do. 

We may try and reschedule or postpone the the event however if the rescheduled dates do not suit we will  still provide refund or race credit. 


Q. Will you accept entries on the day?

A. We need to cater for entrants, organise trophies, number plates, poo poo houses (I physically wretch when I type or say the word toilets), poo poo paper (same deal)  etc based on the number of entrants so once entries close that is it.No on the day entries. We also need a bigger lead time to mange COVID-19 requirements.

Q. Can I bring my dog/camel/eel/wolverine? The dog is really well behaved/ I know the landowner/ dog has supernatural powers/ it's a customs dog/ I am an Eel farmer/ my dog has a hippy name/ it's a misunderstood breed.....
A. No pets at all please. We are dog lovers, but don't love dogs in transition and on race courses. I have heard it all before that answer has always been the same. sorry but no. Your dog may have written novels on human kindness, won a Nobel Peace Prize, be able to drive a manual (even my dog can drive an automatic), been friends with Warhol in the 60's or any other such mystical status however we will be unwavering.  

Q. Are entries capped
A. Due to COVID-19 entries are capped at 200

Q. "I'm new to riding how hard will it be?"

A. We have plenty of options for people based on their fitness and riding experience. The course is designed for endurance events and is not overly technical, or involve a lot of climbing. In saying that it is still a mtb course and it is still challenging.
If you you have little experience, enter a solo category with no training, your bike will end up on gumtree. It is all about correct preparation

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